Sep 7, 2009

The Jesus Story Book Bible

My friend Sally Lloyd-Jones is an accomplished children's book author. She's written the popular series, "Handbag Friends;" the hit "How To Be A Baby, By Me The Big Sister" and its sequel, "How to Get Married." I love Sally's quirky, silly and smart humor. Her books are fun for kids, but parents will find them hugely entertaining.

Sally is my kind of gal; just as quirky, fun and smart as she is in her books. Plus she's a Brit. I can do my Brit accent with her, drink PG Tips, make comments about the Queen's Corgis, and she gets it.

One of Sally's greatest accomplishments is The Jesus Story Book Bible: a book of key bible stories, whimsical illustrations and language that will capture a child's sense of wonder. And it's theologically rich. When her pastor, author Dr. Tim Keller, read the book he exclaimed, "This is my life's work!" Apparently Sally was paying attention all those Sundays.

Well, The Jesus Story Book Bible is available on Audio! And it's read by David Suchet, who played Hercule Poirot in the popular BBC Series. Read About the Book.

I have a chance to win a whole box of JSBB audio books. And if I do, I'll get to give them away on my blog!

So click through and check out the Jesus Story Book Bible website.

FREE! PDFs and mp3 Downloads.


RefreshMom said...

Thanks for the info. I'm always interested in finding books that will help my kids 'get' faith. What seemed so easy when I was a kid is infinitely harder as a parent. I'll look for the book.


Strong Odors said...

Someone gifted this to our kids a few years ago and it is by far the finest Bible storybook I've ever seen.

We've read it through several times.

You failed to mention that the illustration by Jago is really spectacular...

Susan Isaacs said...

@Strong Odors: You are quite right: Jago's illustrations are incredible. Sally had to fight to get him on the project, the publisher had someone else in mind. But Sally stood her ground. I can't imagine it without his work, he's so unique.

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