Aug 27, 2009

Wally Really IS The Cutest Dog

Our wonderful friends Maria & Dean McCoy took Wally in for a few days last week, when we had to go to Seattle. Maria calls Dean the Dog Whisperer. Dean just loved on Wally, and we were so grateful they puppy sat.

Here's a pic they took. Now this really IS the Cutest Dog. Come on admit it.


Maureen said...

OMG...I want one!

ps. of course, we already have 4 dogs so one of them would have to die first ;)

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right. He really is the cutest dog, hands down.


curiousceridwen said...

That is a cute dog. Just discovered your blog today though, so I read through your postings and lived your dog drama in reverse, a sort of anti-climactic approach (ooh! I wonder what's going to happen before this?) but it totally worked. Glad your dog saga has a happy ending.

Ted and Lori said...

It's true, so true. I'm hoping Wally comes up to Portland in September so we get to meet him. Just dying for a dog around here, more specifically for Abe to have a dog to wrestle/snuggle with. The cats aren't such big fans of the Abe-snuggles.

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