Sep 26, 2008

WaMu Fails. But not its CEO

THIS JUST IN: Washington Mutual Fails, JP Morgan takes over.

WaMu's outgoing CEO, who was on the job for ALL OF THREE WEEKS, could leave with 11.6 million dollars.

$11.6 million for three weeks. Let's say he put in 60 hours a week. That's $64,444 an hour. Okay say he put in 12 hours a day, seven days a week. He'll be making $46,031 an hour.

I am beginning to understand why the french stormed the Bastille and the Bolsheviks killed all those kossaks.


Steve said...

And the Americans vote out every single politician and start over.

Jefferson advocated ripping up the constitution every 19 years and starting over. Maybe we are overdue.

Steamed in Central CA, but on his way to a HS football game.

Steve said...

PS--I am actually working at the game and will enjoy some time with my daughter driving there.


Susan Isaacs said...

Well Steve, whether you are working the game or just enjoying time with your dauther, you're doing something these CEOs probably haven't done in a long time: making an honest living and being with family. Go enjoy!

Jan&Jeff Mitchell said...

Hello Susan

I am actually trying to connect with Larry Wilson. I used to work with him at World Vision and he's just been on my mind lately. I found his blog but it's not up any more, and I had read that you and he were married. Your blog was linked to his so I thought I'd leave you a comment with my info.
Please pass my info on to him. He was such a good friend.
I also recently married
jan dahring (Mitchell)

Wendy Melchior said...

Not too mention the AIG execs who received bailout $ and promptly went to the spa on the company's dime. It's so incredulous that I have to laugh or I will storm something.

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