Apr 23, 2008

My Mighty Mice

Reports of my literarydeath have been widely exaggerated. By me.
First, I talked to my agent, (who shall be Super Agent). She contacted my editor (who shall be Mighty Mouse) who got on the phone and got me an extra ten days on the deadline. They also cleared up some of the issues that prompted my disco freak out.
1) The ENTIRE book is not going to be disseminated on at the magazine editor's lunch on May 15. Just the first three chapters.
2) While I've only got ten more days on the deadline, there will be a month for tweaking, before it goes into production in New York.
Ten extra days to revise, a month of editorial tweaking, and then the book into production in New York. Into production, what a wonderful sound. Not to mention, they're throwing a magazine editors lunch! My agent and editors rule.
If you don't hear from me it's the usual. I'm writing. And praising my Mighty Mice.


Lori said...

What a huge, huge, huge relief. Thank God.

Anna said...

Heeeere I come to save the daaaaay!!!

(For you youngun's, that's Mighty Mouse's theme song.)


Maureen said...

Put me down for 2 copies the day the book comes out....one for me and one for my sister (charter members of your Central Valley fan club:)

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