Mar 24, 2008

Great Cats

With all the stress of my book deadline I needed some laughs. Check out the pics on Stuff On My Cat or I Can Has Cheezburger. Here are a few of my favorites ...


Maureen said...

OMG....'Stuff on My Cat' is one of my kids favorite websites!...tho it has led to some rather embarrassing predicaments for our kittys :)

Maureen said...

OK, now I THINK I said something like that the first time before I was 'accidentally' deleted ;)

ps. you can delete this one!!!

And we were in Pismo this last week and the flowers were fact the whole drive over (we're in the Central Valley) the wildflowers were in bloom all over the hills....unfortunately the teenage girls I took had little interest in stopping for if they had had price tags on them and could be WORN, it might have been a different story !

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