Sep 10, 2007

Uke and Kazoo

I did this McDonalds commercial while back. The guy playing my husband played the uke and I buzzed away on the kazoo. On the way to the set he started playing a Beatles song and we vamped. Well that earned props in my book. He's got more. Check out Skip Stellrecht on the uke:

I got an email today asking if Skip and I would be interested in coming to a ukelele festival. Sure I'd be up for it. But a kazoo festival, now that would be wild! In the meantime, enjoy more Fab Four on the Uke


Madley said...

Those were great!

Anonymous said...

It's Doug, I can't remember my password here so I just do anonymous - anyways,I have this EXACT uke, I bought it for the vacations CD I recorded a couple years ago, I play "Pretty Woman" and stuff like that on it as well. BTW, Steve Erkel plays uke and is way into it, he probably goes to this festival.

Ivey McCoig Creative Partners said...

OK... so now let us see the McDonald's commercial.

Either that, or show us the Fab... er... um... Three sing "I am the Walrus" or something from the Magical Mystery Tour.

You're awesome. I'm just Billy.

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