Dec 5, 2006

Songs of Praise for Christmas

It's time for me too toot the self-promotion horn. I had the privilege to write another special for DirecTV. Songs of Praise for Christmas is co-hosted by Amy Grant and Darrel Waltrip, and features performances by choirs and musical artists.

It’s on DirecTV Channel 103, NONSTOP, 24/7, for an entire month. If you don’t get DirecTV, call a friend and tell them to Tivo it. If they don’t have Tivo, well, there’s still papyrus.

Gaudete, gaudete Christos est natus!
Ex Maria virginae, gaudete!


EditNetwork said...

I'm amazed. How did you manage to post this on "Tuesday, December 5"?

Blogs from the future! :-D

-- Paul H.

Susan Isaacs said...

Paul: this is from year 2006 :)

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