Jan 26, 2008

More Tea Cozies

With my manuscript in, I've taken a few days off to a) re-catch the bad cold I got right after the holidays, b) get strep throat on top of it and c) find ways to make use of my time since I'm stuck at home. To that end I've gone back to making felted tea cozies.

I know I need to diversify, but for now it's tea cozies. So what does "felt" mean? Have you ever ruined a nice wool sweater by washing or drying it? That's what felting is. You shrink it until the knit is no longer flexible. And for you guys reading, this is where it gets really hot and wild and zzzzzzzzzzzzz Guys, just go read ESPN, this will bore you.

The green, black and red plaid was from a holiday sweater that had big, obnoxious geese on the front. But who wants a goose on your cozy?

The pink plaid was a Gap wool turtleneck. The second, plain one looks kinda like a conehead. I may have to use this as a hat. But the openings on the side make it look like it's made for a Nordic horn hat like you'd see in Ride of the Valcheries.

Gals, this is the fun one. I made this red one from one of a wool knit sweater you'd find at Talbots. Tailored with a lapel and pockets. It was a beeotch to get right but I lovehow it turned out. It's for a friend whose color scheme is red and gold and who shops at Ann Taylor. Or as she said, "bebe sport isn't my bag, baby."

Now I've got to get back to writing ....


Stephanie said...

A tea cozy with a pocket flap and buttons! Oh my word, I think I've never seen anything cooler! I'm going to start looking at my unwearable sweaters in a whole new way, bebe.

Julie said...

My dear bohemian auntie felts for a living. http://www.fiberfanatics.com/

p.s. Loved your eHarmony post - it's making the rounds among my friends.

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